Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fright Fest Day 2

After arriving back at our hotel on day 1 at 1.30 am we were back up at 7am all pumped and ready for day 2 to smack us over the head with blood, chills, scares and laughs.  Without wanted to add spoilers to this blog I can safely assure you, dear reader, we got all three.

Arriving at the Empire Leicester Square we joined the queue to get tickets for the Discovery Screen (we went to see Guinea Pigs - review on the site), stuffed a exceptionally unsatisfying McDonalds into our hungry mouths and waited. 

Tickets purchased we settled in for our second day and it started off well, Guinea Pigs was a decent film, nothing to get too excited about but showed off some potential future talent in the genre.  Next up was the Dario Argento interview.  A very articulate man, even with his somewhat broken English, and a very humble man (even if he did state there was no point in remaking Susperia as it couldn't be done any better - which, in fairness, is true).  He discussed his dislike of remakes, his new film Dracula 3D and talked back over his best work.  This is a true icon of horror, a man who has been imitated, ripped off, referenced but remains unreplaceable.

After he finished and went off to sign Alan Jones' new book (and only his new book - bit of pimping yourself there Alan?) we found ourselves with an unusually long break.  You could sense the rabble was unsure of what to do with themselves.  So we did what any sensible person would and headed off to Ed's Diner for milkshakes and cheesy chips!!

We bumped into the Seasoning House group in the foyer and had a chat, exceptionally nice group of people who are so genuinely pleased that we liked their film that they were happy to just stick and have a chat.  One of the things Frightfest is great for is it doesn't let the talent act like divas and be dismissive of the fans.  And the talent always seem to like it that way.

Our seats started missing us so it was back to the screen and up came Hiddent In The Woods.  The less I say about it, the better.  Awful film.  So straight onto my most anticipated of the day, V/H/S.  An anthology movie made up of 6 found footage shorts.  My anticipation was well rewarded with film that gave us ghosts, slashers, the occult and aliens amongst its numbers. 

Just before the UK premier of Rec 3 - Genesis, we were treated to a few minutes of upcoming vampire flick Byzantium.  Looks like it could be interesting but I wasn't blown away.  Rec 3 was a surprise as it was a big deviation from the style of the first two.  However it was a highly entertaining romcomzom! 

After a short break, Mr Ross Noble was back up on the stage introducing his film, Stitches which was receiving its world premiere.  Once again he had the audience in, well, stitches, before the film kicked off with his incredible ability to be ridiculously funny about anything and everything. But could the funnyman act?  Quite simply yes, yes he can.  Stitches was incredibly violent, very funny and a great way to end a superb second day. 

Hello cab, hello hotel. Getting tired now.

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