Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Movie Talk On Sunday Questions

I will be hosting the Movie Talk On Sunday this week (30th September).  It starts at 8pm (UK time) and I will post up one question/discussion point every ten minutes.

For those of you that want to know more about MTOS then head to


My chosen subject is going to be Genre Directors.  It's not just surrounding directors that are known for staying within genre film making but also around those that may have dabbled in it from time to time or even as a one off experience.

Anyway so that you can have a think on what you want to say on the night here are the 10 questions I will be putting on Twitter (you will need to follow me - @The_Modal_Node - to see them).

So join in, use #MTOS with what you say and follow the conversation.  If you like to talk about films then this is for you.

Who is your favourite genre director and which is their best film?

Have any genre directors successfully moved into more general mainstream fare?

Over the years which directors do you feel have redefined or refreshed a genre?

Can you remain a genre director whilst making commercial films?

Have any general directors moved into the genre game further down their career with any success?

What do you believe determines a director to be classed as a "genre director"?

Are genre films directors always better than their generalist cousins?

Are there any genres that have been created in recent times that shouldn't exist?

Can directors cross overs genres in single films or does crossing between, technically, deny them a genre titling?

Is Quentin Tarantino a genre director?

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